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Why does the video have a lower resolution than the image resolution?

did anyone ever realize that the video resolution size looks lower than the photo? Maybe some of you are wondering why. But, have you found the answer? If not, Jaka will calmly provide information on why the video resolution is lower than the resolution of the photo. You look carefully below. Why is Video Resolution That's Lower than Photo [...]

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Crazy! This Android App Downloaded More Than 5 Billion Times

As a user of the Android operating system, you must have been familiar with the Google Play Store. Android and Google Play is certainly something that can not be [...]

Facebook Create New Device SPECIAL Video Chat, Curious?

Various applications of social media is constantly innovating to keep its users not to switch to using other social media. The majority of cultivated innovation is in [...]

How Much Time Spent By Instagram Users Every Day?

Instagram has indeed been transformed into one of the social media is more loved young people. Well you frequently not it, open Instagram and when it knew it was 15 [...]

Are all genres suitable for music therapy?

Are All Music Genre Effective For Therapy? The music has a rhythm, rhythm, and harmony are different so that there are various types of music that makes each person [...]

Is Listening to Music at Work Really Good for Productivity?

Some people like to listen to music while they work, believing that it helps them improve their focus, and maybe even their mood. But, is there any truth behind the idea that [...]

Music is Good Medicine

Music is Good Medicine is an initiative of Spiritual Care Services that brings musically talented volunteers, accompanied by professionally trained chaplains, to perform at [...]

Ini 8 Manfaat Mendengarkan Musik

Musik tidak cuma dapat dirasakan pendengarnya, melainkan juga dinikmati manfaatnya. Memperdengarkan musik yang perlahan atau musik apa saja yang Anda menyukai, dapat [...]

5 Cara Jitu Mengoptimalkan Kecepatan Website Dinamis Hingga 50%

Tips Jitu Mengoptimalkan Kecepatan Website Dinamis Hingga 50% Almafazi - Kecepatan sebuah website tentu sangat penting untuk meningkatkan kualitas dari website itu [...]

Easy Ways How To Play Music Together in Many Smartphones

Easy Ways How To Play Music Together in Many Smartphones Music is a universal language that is used to express the emotions of a person. Without music, imagine the [...]

Hello world!

Welcome to Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start [...]
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